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Jay and Noah Healthcare Ltd Ref: Introduction of Social work support services, Home care services, Continuing Healthcare/ homecare services and Domiciliary care. This document serves to inform of support services being provided by Jay and Noah Healthcare. In addition to providing 16 + Semi-independent accommodation, welfare visits, We also provide. • Welfare visits, • Transport for foster placement moves. Jay and Noah Healthcare Ltd provides back-up welfare visits during weekends, after-hours, and bank holidays, in situations where there are concerns about child safety by a Local Authority (LA). We undertake Child in Need (CIN), Child protection (CP) and Looked After Child (LAC) visits. This service is to support social work teams to keep up with statutory visits, particularly for children placed out of the Local area. We provide transport and chaperones where there is an immediate requirement to move a child from one placement to another. Support Workers to manage and mitigate any safeguarding concerns. Should you have any immediate requirements please call, or if you would prefer a face-to-face meeting, we are more than happy to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Regulated Activities: • Personal care/ Domiciliary care • Treatment of disease, disorder, or injury • Nursing • Caring for (to include sections for Caring for adults over 65 yrs. • Caring for adults (18 – 65 yrs.) • Caring for children (0 – 18yrs) • Supported accommodation/living for ages16yrs-25yrs. • Secured Accommodation for children up to 18years including DOLs • Dementia • Mental health conditions • Physical disabilities • Sensory impairments Who we provide services for: The young people we accommodate, and support have varying needs which may include: • Attention deficit disorder • Mental health issues • Challenging behaviour • Drug and alcohol misuse • Self-harming behaviours • Gang involvement • Criminal behaviour • Low level sexualised behaviour • Attachment disorders We Offer • Accommodation that makes you feel at home. (Currently have a newly refurbished 7 bedroomed flat, 5 bedroomed detached house 2 years old newly built fully furnished, 4 bedroomed House newly renovated and fully furnished all within Peterborough, 4 bedroomed house in Leeds, $ bed house in London). • High-quality support services designed to cater to your needs. • Experienced, hard-working, and passionate staff. • High security accommodation for children and adults on DOLs with 24hrs care staff available to monitor and look after the children (needs are met based on individual care plans and needs). • High standard post discharge respite care long and short stays. We are committed to providing support that we would like to receive ourselves. We provide independent, shared and 24-hour supported living accommodation. Our high-quality, fully furnished properties provide the ideal setting for young people to develop their independent living skills. We also provide step-down accommodation specific to young people transitioning to independent living. Personal Support We work closely with social workers and personal advisors, engaging in joint reviews to find better ways of supporting the individual while working in conjunction with their pathway plan. We offer counselling support and a range of therapies, helping care leavers and young people overcome difficulties they have experienced. These personalised services develop self-confidence and self-esteem within the individuals we support. This helps them live independent, sustainable lives. Life Skills Programme Jay and Noah Healthcare is proud to offer a specialised programme that supports young people in developing the skills they require to live independently. Our programme encompasses the six critical areas outlined in the government’s care leavers strategy: • Health and Wellbeing • Education and Training • Employment and Citizenship • Finances • Home and Housing • Safety and Relationships For additional information on our personal support and counselling services and how we can assist you, please call us on 07488237675. Supported Living All our innovative services are focused on supporting people to be as independent as possible within their own homes and in their local community. Our homes are staffed 24 hours a day by our highly trained team of qualified social workers and support workers. Jay and Noah Healthcare offers shared, independent and 24-hour supported living accommodation. Our fully furnished, comfortable, and state of the art properties offer an optimum setting for young people to adjust to and develop their independent confidence and skills. Additionally, we provide step-down accommodation specific to young clients transitioning to independent living. Supported accommodation. Our supported accommodation homes are ordinary domestic houses; they do not stand out as being different from other houses in the area. Our accommodation for young people offers a structured, supportive and nurturing environment where they can reflect on their past, come to terms with their current situation and make positive plans for their future. They are ideally located, close to shops, schools, doctors and dentist practices, together with a large range of local services for young people with numerous opportunities for leisure activities. In addition, our homes are in areas with excellent road and public transport links with mainline railway stations nearby. From the inside, they are comfortably furnished to create a warm homely feel and have private meeting rooms where young people can meet with their parents and professionals. Young people are encouraged to personalise their rooms when they move in to make them their own and to have friends and family visit them where this is appropriate. Jay and Noah Healthcare provides a high standard of accommodation and a supportive environment for residents aged 16 to 25 years. We aim to ensure young people can develop and maintain respect, self­reliance and self-care skills and enable them to make informed, age-appropriate decisions, concerning their present and future so they can achieve a successful transition into independence and adulthood. Services offered are based on an assessment of the young person’s needs. What’s included in our accommodation? • Private rooms • High-speed Wi-Fi • Shared kitchen and living area • Washing machine and dishwasher Our compassionate staff are trained to support young people with crucial life skills, such as maintaining tenancies, paying bills and budgeting. 24-hour support is available where required. Culture and Religion As part of our pre-admission preparation, we collate information on the religious and cultural needs of the individual. Our employees are considerate and aware and take it upon themselves to increase cultural awareness, ensuring and promoting tolerance and the utmost respect. We enthusiastically encourage young people to explore and fully understand their rights and understand how to identify and challenge discrimination. It is company policy that people’s rights and beliefs are respected, and we encourage an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment in which clients can flourish and celebrate their individuality. Floating Support service Our Floating Support Service is designed to assist clients approaching independent living, offering support and guidance with a range of activities in the home. We ensure a smooth transition into tenancy and offer a post-tenancy period offering further assistance if required through continued, steadfast support. Additional Services: • Maintaining the home • Support with benefits • Employment support • Further education support Individuals are supported and encouraged with daily tasks such as household chores, personal assistance, housing-related tasks, finances and grocery shopping. Escorting Service Users We understand people need to feel confident in some scenarios, so accompanying a young person to a first college appointment or counselling session is essential to giving them the self-belief to achieve their goals. We provide escort services to young clients in our homes, accompanying them to essential appointments. These can include appointments for doctors, solicitors, youth offenders and immigration-related appointments. These can also be offered to contact family members, or others agreed in advance with their social workers or personal advisors. Development Our staff team assesses and documents every aspect of the young person’s daily living to establish their level of independence and what areas require support to develop. We use the “Getting Ready for Adult Life” programme (Published by Rainer, National Leaving Care Advisory Service and The Fostering Network). We also encourage and support our residents in accessing employment, education and training. Key­working sessions help young people build up skills in areas that require extra provision until a safe level of independence is achieved and young people can then be supported in the transition to their own home. There is no timescale for when a young person should be ready for his or her own home. This is done to ensure the young person is ready and prepared before taking this major step in their lives. Over this time, they will be set up with their own bank accounts, passport, benefits and anything else you would expect someone living independently to possess Working together At Jay and Noah Healthcare the views of our young people are considered extremely important and very much valued. This approach is important in creating the sense of ownership and responsibility we encourage in the young person’s life. We embrace the principle of partnership in accordance with the Children Act 1989. The principle of partnership in practice involves communication and consultation and is implemented in practice via the following forums: • Consulting young people v

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