Where 4 Care Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Where 4 Care, why don’t I just contact a provider directly?

    Searching for care can be a very daunting task. Some people are lucky enough to have been allocated outside support, such as a social worker or a hospital discharge liaison team, but with government backed resources stretched we are seeing many people who feel isolated and have no support, when support is needed. Here at W4C we are committed to assisting all callers with finding a forward facing journey, and to take away some of the stress and uncertainty that can be felt when searching for care. We are aware some are confident and happily search for their own providers and may not need the support on offer and that’s great too. It’s whatever suits you. The Where 4 Care team are here waiting in the wings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to chat with our lovely callers.

  • Why should I choose Where 4 Care to assist me with my care needs?

    The W4C team are made up from experienced health and social care workers with over 75 years combined experience in all aspects of care delivery. When you call, you can be confident that you are speaking with an operative who has previously been a manager of a service, a nurse, they have worked with social services, they have worked in domiciliary (home) care or a care home. You can be absolutely assured that the kind and caring team

    operate under the care code of conduct with integrity and honesty, promoting your best interests and person centred care ethos at all times. Your friendly team member assigned to you will listen, support and signpost you to a service based on the information you are requesting. Some of the comments we have received from those seeking care can be found below.

  • What do I do if I am not happy with the current care being provided?

    It’s always a difficult situation when there is a breakdown in care provision. Every service has a complaints procedure and this is usually the first port of call if you are unhappy with your current situation. Here at W4C we can assist you to find a suitable solution and a new care service if that is what is decided.  Our free advisory service can put you in touch with an advocacy service that can support you through the transition and notice period if required and to support your onward journey. Here at W4C, whatever your needs are, call our friendly team and we will be happy to assist.

  • What are the costs if I call Where 4 Care?

    Where 4 Care is a free service for any care seeker. Calling our friendly team, has no cost, its completely free. You are also under no obligation to choose a provider from the platform. You may just require a little advice for you or a family member, or friend.

  • I cant see a provider on your platform that I have heard of and looking for? FAQ

    Here at Where 4 Care we work with registered service who all hold a certificate with the care quality commission. We then undertake due diligence with each provider to ensure they have capacity to take on new clientele. They are then verified to our platform. Some providers may not have already on boarded to our platform and so if you do have a specific service in mind and would like us to support your care journey, please let the team know and we will make contact on your behalf. We regularly speak with care home managers and home care providers, who have capacity and so we are confident, whatever your wishes, we can fully support.

  • How can I find out what care I may need and which service may be right for me?

    By contacting our friendly team, by telephone on 03300 437015 or filling in the contact us form, you will be met by one of our care specialists. They will lend a listening ear to what is important to you and then discuss the options that are available. Be it finding a care provider in your area who specialises, or funding support, our friendly team will be able to sign post you to a registered service who will assist. You can then proceed with full confidence and support.

  • Do I have to use the council approved care company for care for my relative?

    In short, no.  Everyone has the choice to choose the care provider they wish to provide care, whether they are on the council framework or not.  This is the person centred approach, adopted by councils. You simply need to ask for a direct payment or a managed Individual Service Fund, whereby funds are provided for your chosen care provider. Contact us on 03300 437 015 if you require support.

  • Can Where 4 Care help me find out what funding is available?

    Yes we can.  Our friendly team have a wealth of knowledge to assist you to access any funding that you may be entitled to.  Call us today on 03300 437 015 and we can advise you further.  

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