When looking for a residential care home there are many important factors to consider. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to find a care home for a loved one or yourself quickly. This can not only be extremely stressful but also a very emotional time, and this can make it even harder to know where to start when choosing the right care.

Where 4 Care is a service with a difference. We don’t directly provide care but instead we help you navigate the often daunting and complex journey. We believe that quality of life should be the guiding principle in all care decisions. Our team of compassionate care specialists take the time to understand your unique circumstances, needs, and preferences and can guide you through the process.

We work with a number of residential care homes all over the UK which enables us to closely match your requirements with the company that we feel will be the best fit for you or your loved one.

Finding the Right Care Home

Our website lists a number of care providers in towns and cities throughout the UK including, Birmingham, Shropshire, London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Chester, Northampton and Nottingham to name a few. If you cannot find a care home near you, then please contact us as we can still assist you with all aspects of care and often put you in touch with a local provider that may be able to help. We can also offer advice on funding, support for you and other family members and your rights when it comes to choosing a care home. 

Below are a few points you may want to consider when looking for a care home:


When considering the location of the residential care home, you’ll want to find one that is accessible for you and other family members who may visit regularly. Choosing a home that is conveniently located between different relatives can make it easier for everyone to stay involved in your loved one’s care. Additionally, the home’s proximity to amenities, public transportation, and medical facilities can greatly impact the quality of life for those who love their.

Reputation and Rating

All residential care homes in the UK are regulated by the Care Quality Commission ( CQC ). This ensures the quality and safety of care that is being provided is of a high standard. You can easily look up the CQC rating and report for any care provider or contact us and we will be happy to do this on your behalf. It is vital that you feel your loved ones are in a new home where they are going to be happy and cared for and that their individual needs are met. Reading reviews, talking to other people who may have relatives at the setting and checking the CQC rating will help you build up a picture as to what the care home is like.

Care Home Costs and Financing Options

It may be that the person who requires care is eligible for funding from the local council to pay for their care or perhaps the NHS via the continuing healthcare fund will provide support. This can be quite complex at times and it you may not be aware of what choices you have when it comes to choosing a home. We can offer help and guidance on funding and where to start.
If the person is paying for their own care or another family member is going to be funding it, then you will want to find out about the daily or monthly fees and any additional charges. You will need to check what is included and when and how it needs to be paid. Again, this is something that we can help you with if you need assistance throughout any of the process.

How we can help

With so many care homes throughout the UK, finding the right one may at times seem overwhelming. We are Where 4 Care want to help ease the burden and offer help and guidance when you need it most to ensure that you can rest easy knowing your loved one is in a new home where all of their needs and requirements are met.

Contact us today on 03300 437 015 or click below for FREE impartial advice on all aspects of care.

What our customers say

Friendly, kind and they helped me to see the blue sky again from a very dark place.

No words will be enough for what I have received from W4C. Friendly, kind and they helped me to see the blue sky again from a very dark place. I had an awful diagnosis and knew I needed help but didn’t know where to turn. I waited for other free support and couldn’t get any. They have supported me to a happy place and I will forever be grateful. They knew who to put me in touch with and made it so I didn’t need to keep repeating my story. Call them, they will help as much or as little as you need.

Jane R

Its great peace of mind for me

My Father was becoming unable to get out and abut and I don’t live close enough to help out all of the time. The W4C team put me in touch with a great local care provider and my Father is now enjoying an active social life once more. Its great peace of mind for me, and he has such a wonderful small team to support him as he grows older. Thanks W4C.

Mrs Grear

Thank you for helping me with my attendance allowance paperwork.

Thank you for helping me with my attendance allowance paperwork. The carer you have found for me is great and the manager of the care service is so helpful. Would highly recommend.

Eric S

Thank you so much for your swift support and finding us the best care service!

When my Mum broke her hip, we needed to act fast so that she could get home, where she was happiest. The Where 4 Care team swiftly put me in touch with a live in care provider after listening to what had happened, and Mum returned home safely and contentedly. Thank you so much for your swift support and finding us the best care service. You are all lovely.

Mrs Rothwell

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