The Where 4 Care team, born from a team with an accumulative history of working within all settings in health and social care of over 150 years service, are best placed to support you or your loved one when it comes to choosing care.  You may be at the start of your care journey and looking to chat through what may work for you and have a discussion about options available. You may be looking for funding and understanding what to do next to ensure you get the right care and support.

You may already be receiving care and wish to change, or your needs may have changed and you now need to source an alternate provider, whatever your individual situation, the W4C team and our providers are on hand to assist. Perhaps you want to make plans for the future and you are just seeming how you go about that so you are ready if you require support.

Every situation and individuals care journey is different and W4C saves you the time of searching endless providers to find that they have no capacity to assist, they don’t cover your area, they don’t cover your needs or that they are just not the right fit for you.  For something so personal such as a care journey, its impossible to pluck a name from the air and go with that, or to have limited choice on who you can have enter your home to assist and support.  To choose a care home with the right services on offer, also requires an in depth search. Where 4 Care get it right.  We take the unease away and support you from initial call or enquiry to ensure you have all that you need.

With the W4C backdrop of Nurses, social workers, healthcare professionals, recruiters, consultants, care managers and volunteers, working behind the scenes or at the end of the phone, you can be guaranteed that we will answer any questions with factual and helpful information and lend a kind and friendly listening ear in order to assist you to remain at home, or choose a care home for your self or a loved one.

We are an independent service who listen, support and assist.  We do not directly provide care services but do spend a great deal of our time working alongside excellent care services who are registered with CQC and who are assisting many satisfied clients.  Each provider has a review rating which you can view to better make your choice on who you would like to care for you or your loved one. Once you have selected a provider, we pass through your details and they will shortly be in touch to arrange an assessment/visit and to get things in order to begin supporting you, the way you require, ensuring minimum interference to your daily routine.  All of our providers listed empower you to find care the way you want and in line with your wishes and needs. Care your way is our ethos and anyone listed on the platform agree to operate with integrity, honesty, care and compassion as do the W4C team.

Experienced Services and Management

Once you have spoken/ completed the contact us form, the Where 4 Care team, allocates you a case worker who is experienced with finding the correct care for you and opening up options for you.  Our background of varied roles ensures this process is swift and you will soon hear back from the team ( usually within 24 hours) with the perfect solution for you, or at least a great starting point, or any questions answered.  You are in safe hands, and we will ensure you find the best support possible. We listen, react and respond.

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