When looking for care, there are so many options available to you and here at the Where 4 Care team we will discuss options that may be of interest to best support you.

Our team of healthcare specialists are on hand to listen, advise on options and connect you to a provider who has the capacity and skill set to assist you.  This in turn takes away some of the time searching which can be quite an anxious time.

Below are details of the advantages of a care home versus live in care, which is also an option that is ever growing in the UK as people need a little more support.

Care Home

The average cost of a residential care home is £1160 per week and a nursing care bed is £1410. These are not the only options open to those looking for care when 24 hour support is required. Many local authorities pre purchase spaces in care homes and so when they are funding they will push for care seekers to take one of these spaces. Care is person centred and you always have a choice where the care is to be delivered to you. Please make sure the decisions are yours and you know all of the options. Care homes can be fantastic. They offer social aspects that living alone can never contend with.  There are on hand specialist teams and a care home can provide excellent support whether short term or long term.

There are a great choice of fantastic care homes in the UK all offering different specialisms and so please do get in touch where we can listen to your preferences and search our services for a great placement for you to consider.

Live in Care

Live in care has become a popular option for many care seekers who need support full time.

For £900 – £1600 average per week you can remain in your own home, in familiar surroundings, with the specialist support you need. There are many excellent providers of live in care who can assist with a great carer to live with you to allow you to have the choice to remain at home, safely. 

As care needs change, its often thought that its easier to find an establishment where you can move into to be cared for.  Why leave the comfort of your own home, memories cherished and belongings familiar when there is no need.  The care can come to you. 1:1 support 24/7 to give you the confidence to live at your pace and stay in your own home.

For more information, please do get in touch.

Where do I start?

Unsure where to start in finding the perfect care for yourself or a loved one? Overwhelmed by the choices and not sure what type of care is needed or what funding is available? We are here to guide you from the very beginning.

Let’s start this journey together – because every step towards finding the right care should be a step filled with confidence and support.

Call us on 03300 437015 for FREE advice or click here to submit an enquiry.


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