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GoodWorks Consultancy Limited is an efficient growing recruitment agency. We provide digital, clinical, and non-clinical solutions to bridge gaps in the care industry. GoodWorks Consultancy Limited is a high-quality provider of person-centred social care services. Our head office is based in Manchester but we operates within the UK. We are a fast-growing Healthcare recruitment specialist in General and Mental Health Care Professionals – We supply Temporary and Permanent Nurses, Care Assistants, Home Carers, Support workers agency staff to local authorities, residential homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and domiciliary care staff to individuals in their own homes. We provide staff who are highly trained to meet the needs of the service user within residential, care homes, hospitals, and in their own homes.
At Good Works Consultancy, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a full range of care options to suit every individual’s need, from live-in to end-of-life care, our friendly and dedicated team is qualified to look after service users to the highest standards, both on and off-site. Each one of our care packages is different. We provide services that are tailored to meet individual needs. Please see some of the services we offer: –
Medication support
All our carers are expertly trained to assist with prescriptions, including helping to organise and administer medication.
Peg-gastrostomy Care
Gastrostomy care helps people with a feeding tube to live independently and confidently.
With gastrostomy care at home, one of our experts will manage and clean the feeding tube, prepare meals, help with feeding, and assist with matters of personal hygiene.
Catheterisation Care
We can help our customers to manage and cope with their condition by providing catheter care at home. The carers we employ have experience in delivering catheter care for people affected by many conditions. They’ve provided support for customers with urethral catheters and suprapubic catheters.
Urostomy Care
All our staff are trained to meet individual needs and care. They have the ongoing support of the clinical team, this support includes one-to-one training and the regular recording and reviewing of your care needs.
Nephrostomy Care
We recognise that caring for a nephrostomy can be a challenge, due to the nature of the nephrostomy it can potentially prove embarrassing if you have a family member or friend helping you with this. The position of the nephrostomy can at times mean that self-maintenance can be difficult. We provide nephrostomy care to individuals and support them to carry on living a normal life.
Wound care
Whether you have a post-operative or long-term condition that includes wounds that require dressing and tending at home, we will manage your wound care with skill and confidence. Our Care Professionals are trained to monitor and care for your wounds to ensure healing. They can identify the signs and symptoms of infections or potential complications in the comfort of your own home, so you can relax with a trusted service provided by a familiar and friendly face.
Home Parenteral Nutrition
We provide home parenteral nutrition (HPN) services to patients across England and Wales. We work in partnership with each Trust to ensure we meet their needs.

We have a team of nurses available 7 days a week. Our expert team of home therapy nurses works with your patients to encourage empowerment and provide individualised care.
Tracheostomy Care
We support people who require a long-term or short-term tracheostomy and work with them to achieve their individual goals.
Our care supports people with different types and makes of tracheostomies, including cuffed and un-cuffed, fenestrated, and non-fenestrated, and those that require a subglottic tube to support with managing excess secretions.
We are also able to cater for people who require mechanical cough assistance, adhering to their personalised regime,
Complex Care
Complex care is a type of healthcare and support given to people who have chronic or long-term health conditions who need extra help to manage their symptoms and daily tasks. Examples of such conditions include neurological disorders, disabilities, injuries, and sometimes the use of feeding tubes.
End of Life
End-of-life care is a type of palliative care that is reserved for the final weeks and days of a person’s life. It focuses on helping the person to spend the time they have left in comfort and dignity, allowing them to pass in the most peaceful way possible. While some people spend their final days in a hospital, hospice or nursing home, end-of-life care at home has become a preferred option for those who wish to spend their last moments within their own home and surrounded by their loved ones.
Ventilator nursing care to suit your needs.
Our clinical carers specialise in nursing-led ventilated support. Our team of clinicians are respiratory care experts and will provide sensitive support at every step. They will collaborate with your existing circle of personal and professional support to ensure we are enabling you to achieve your outcomes.
Our cares can support with:
BIPAP (bilevel positive air pressure) care
CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure

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